Selected Publications
Terrain: a Journal of the Built Environment
Crow Call (essay)

Empty Mirror
Architecture, Money, Graffiti, and Birds (essay)

The Los Angeles Business Journal
Fourteen (and counting) op-eds

Various commissioned articles, including:

  • Bridgestone: Beyond the Dream
  • Rivendell: Against the Wind
  • Specialités TA: Persistence Pays
  • Stronglight: Eyes on the Future
Eclectica Magazine
Story, poems, photo essay

Los Angeles Downtown News
Photo essays, articles

Generación (Mexico City)
Photo essay

Snowy Egret


Poems and photographs

Energy Wise News (New Zealand, 2003)
Right Answer, Wrong Problem

Audobon Society Newsletter (Santa Monica)
Playa Vista: Right Project, Wrong Place?

Carfree Cities
Urban design manual by J. H. Crawford

The Post-Automobile City
James A. Kushner

What Charlie Crumpley, editor of the Los Angeles Business Journal, says about my work:

"Richard Risemberg has written more than a dozen op-ed essays for the Los Angeles Business Journal in the last 7 or 8 years. He has also rewritten and edited op-eds originated by others. His writing is clear and straightforward. His points are intelligent and persuasive. His work is turned in on time, and it needs no rewriting or even touching up. His work is great and I'd recommend him to anyone. By the way, our publication has been named the best business journal in the country five of the last six years, so our standards are high. He absolutely meets or exceeds our expectations."

Charlie Crumpley.

Certified Photographic Consultant, Society of Photographic Consultants, 2003

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