I came to photography in my thirties, seeking an art that was more objective than writing...I thought I'd found it in the "pencil of nature," till the first time I went into the darkroom and saw how I could improve a picture with some judicious cropping. Purism went out the window, and I acknowledged to myself that what was important was not mechanical recording but honesty, presenting the truth of a sensation that life and light put within you.

These portfolios represent the major themes of my photography and hence some of my major interests. The techniques and perceptions I used in making these series are tools which I can apply to any photographic assignnment. The images themselves bear their own burden of purpose, be it social comment in works such as Fundamental Humanity or Pillow of Steel, the poetic core of Names of the Night, or the emotional and generational import of any good portrait.

I offer them to you as works in themselves (and I am not ashamed to say that individual copies are for sale), and as samples of a large body of work developed over many years.

I will add to the collection over time, showing not only new work but other facets of my archives.